Flooring Services in Sydney: Benefits of Using Sustainable Materials


Choosing a specific type of flooring for your home or office is one of the most important decisions that you can make since it needs to endure a lot of foot traffic in a durable and an attractive fashion. Along with this, your flooring should be of sustainable materials to safeguard your home's and the Earth’s environment. You may feel that these types of materials limits your flooring options, but the truth is that you still have a wide assortment of styles, patterns and colours in eco-friendly flooring from which to make your selection. Below are some of the benefits of using sustainable flooring materials for your floors along with other pertinent facts.

Keep Your House’s Air Quality Healthy

Sustainable flooring materials today do not contain high levels of formaldehyde unlike traditional flooring materials of the past. Also, the stains and other finishes on these materials do not give off volatile organic compounds. As a result, your flooring will not taint the quality of your home’s air.

Sustainable Materials Are Cost-Effective Choices for Flooring

Another benefit of using sustainable materials for flooring is that they are cost-effective choices for your home’s floors. Most of the time this is a crucial part of your decision making process with materials to include in your home since most homeowners have limited budgets in this current economic climate.

Floors Will Be Environmentally Friendly

Your floors will be eco-friendly when you turn to this type of materials for them. That means that the materials are recyclable and/or biodegradable depending upon their contents. The first of these attributes helps reduce the need for raw materials in making new products and the latter one keeps the soil, groundwater and air from being polluted.

Examples of Sustainable Flooring Materials

• Recycled timber from old homes and buildings
• Timber from sustainable plantations or forests in Australia
• Natural fibre carpeting that contains sisal and wool, sisal, sea grass and coir
• Polished concrete that is manufactured with recycled materials
• Rubber either from virgin or recycled materials
• Cork is another sustainable material that is ideal for flooring
• Glass tiles that are made from recycled glass bottles and other items create a beautiful sustainable floor
• Marmoleum is a natural linoleum that is a highly durable, non-toxic, bio-based and antimicrobial sustainable flooring option

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